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Celebrate The Little Wins 🎉

When Setting Goals, Bigger Isn't Always Better

Jan 09, 2021 Book open with the text Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

As we make a start to the new year, many people will begin with setting goals for the year ahead. While I am all for dreaming big and laying foundations for what you want to achieve in the next 365 days, putting big expectations on yourself and holding yourself to big picture goals can actually be holding you back.

When it comes to outlining what you want to accomplish, having big goals is a great motivator, and they can help you stay focused and guide you towards where you want to be. However, if we only work towards one singular north star, this can sometimes hinder progress.

Instead of setting a small number of large goals (Get promoted, get a new job, write a book, big picture things), try splitting your goals into bite-size mini-goals (Pass a progress review, ace a practice interview, write 500 words a day, etc). 'Microproductivity' is the way in which we can break a large goal into small, approachable tasks, make mountains feel a lot more like mole-hills, and unlock more potential for regular feedback. And regular feedback boosts motivation 🚀

One of the biggest reasons why we lose motivation is because we aren't seeing results. We aren't seeing progress fast enough or often enough. This is where your mini-goals shine. Smaller, short-term goals that can be achieved on a more frequent basis mean there is so much more to celebrate. Instead of the delayed gratification of working for an entire year or more to accomplish one mega goal, celebrate the little wins and everything you have achieved in the process of accomplishing each mini goal on the path to the major goal you set yourself.

Write down and make a note of each goal you complete and each new feat you achieve. Document all your achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Then, if at any point you start feeling like your aren't getting anywhere, or that you don't feel good enough, bring out that list of little wins and celebrate yourself and just how far you really have come to achieving your goals with all the brag-worthy things you have accomplished! With a whole bunch of mini goals on your completed list, you are bound to feel so much more productive and a whole lot better about your progress.

Now, go! Set those goals and start celebrating all of your little wins!