A group photo of the custodian team.


In April 2019, I attended CatalystHack, an all female hackathon, aiming to inspire the next generation of girls in STEM, sponsored by Rolls Royce. We were encouraged to focus our ingenuity to use tech to help solve a social issue - the STEM gender gap.

A photo of me from the event.

On The first day, I got to know some of the other women attending the event, and made up a group - Team 15!.

We were tasked with creating a prototype and idea behind a game that could be used to encourage more young women to get involved with STEM subjects. We came up with 'Custodian', a game where the main character has to bring life back to a world devastated by climate change and deforestation, through nourishing the environment and taking care of the remaining animals.

The real driving force behind the game was to get more young women interested in the climate crisis, and in earth science careers. Did you know less than 20% of meteorologists and geoscientists are women?!

After 24 hours working on our prototype, we presented our ideas to the judges and Custodian was given first prize!
This was my first hackathon experience, and it a lot of fun coming up with our idea and bringing it to life, with guidance from the lovely people at Bossa Studios.